Our Roots

rick_square_200_x_200Nearly 30 years of ministry, the last 20 years as a ministry consultant to some of America’s top Christian leaders, has led to many opportunities to life-coach and counsel. The growing need in the Body of Christ for Christ-centered counseling caused me to formalize my education in Human development, so that I would be able to offer a wide range of relief for those I am able to serve.

Life can often lead individuals and family into times of desperation and exhaustion, resulting in an overwhelming loss of confidence and direction. In these crisis moments, we often make decisions that can take years to remedy. Impact is committed to your metal health and growth. Don’t let your circumstances lead you into despair or render you emotionally bankrupt. Take control of your life and live out the blessing God has called each of us to enjoy.

It is our collective belief that all good psychology is sociologically in line with God’s Word. With that in mind, Impact Counseling has become the counseling arm of Living In Faith. We are dedicated to meet the mental health needs of individuals and families who are searching for long lasting results and relief from life relenting pace and circumstances.