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ultimatetownsendcloudDr. Cloud and Townsend are both clinical psychologists’ who have been able to connect with the body of Christ with a unique blend of wisdom, care, and biblical application in many areas of human development.

Whether you are church leader, or just an individual looking for answers, this link will lead you to some extraordinary tools to help you in your ministry, relationship, Christian walk, and many other areas exposed to real life. Click Here

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Questions and answers from Dr. James Dobson

I am having trouble with...
Over the years there has not been a more helpful resource that Dr. James Dobson and Focus On The Family. In cooperation with Dr. Dodson we would like to connect you to a valuable web site created by Focus on the Family, and Dr. Dobson, to answer many of life’s questions from a biblical perceptive.

There are thousands of articles along with other tools to help you answer some of the questions you may be asking.

Please accept our highest recommendation and consider the information Dr. Dobson has made available. After you find some answers through this valuable resource, allow us to answer any questions you may have about how it applies to you. I am having trouble with...

After you find some answers through this valuable resource, allow us to answer any questions you may have about how it applies to you at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



image004We believe that our talents and abilities can be best put to use in serving the cause of Christ. We have a strong background in ministry. Our founders have worked in full-time ministry and have seen church from the inside out. We understand the ups and downs of church work and desire to use our experience to guide your church through territory that is familiar to us.

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The following links will direct you to some new ideas, tools, and information about Church growth, innovative programs, and other resources. We do not have control over the content, but have found them to be useful in various situations.
The Growing Leadership Blog Interviews List inlcude thoughts from many of the World’s most visible leaders.
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True leadership affects the soul of the organization and the spirit of the people. The irony is that, while secular leadership has become blatantly spiritual, Christian leadership has become blatantly (and blandly) secular. We need to recapture the invisible aspects of leadership. We must focus our attention on the creating and shaping of ethos and then on the structures that best nurture and harness its potential. In the end leadership is nothing less than spiritual. And spiritual leaders are essentially cultural architects.



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